About Us

About Boniere Bakery
After over 35 years experience of baking in retail shops we have decided to hang up our hats and follow our passion to devote more time to wholesale, specialized cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pastries.
While working in retail shops there seemed to be no time to give individual attention to being creative. We want to give our customers a personal hand crafted touch.

We are now a home-based bakery located in San Lorenzo, CA area creating specialties in our home for wholesale, specialty cakes and pastries. We are fully licensed, Health Department approved.

We will accommodate customers with home or office deliveries for small fee within the local San Leandro, Hayward, Oakland, Fremont area. Orders must meet our minimum $40. Outside local area will require a higher minimum and delivery fee. Call for cake and pastry prices.

Most order require a 2-day advanced notice, large orders and specialty cakes 5-day notice.